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Entries from March 2007

Port forwarding with SSH/Putty

March 27th, 2007 by Mark · 13 Comments

I regularly exchange data between computers at University and home. To maintain security, I keep a firewall running on all machines, and “tunnel” through the firewall(s) using SSH – the secure shell. For example, I run a web server on my main machine for web application development, and do not wish this to be publicly […]

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How to use JabRef (BibTeX) with Microsoft Word 2003

March 25th, 2007 by James · 264 Comments

JabRef is one of the best reference managers available and provides a realistic alternative to Endnote, as well as being open-source & free. Unfortunately most users are not aware that JabRef (or any other BibTeX based reference manager) can easily be integrated for use with Microsoft Word. In this guide I will show you step-by-step […]

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Batch converting PDF to JPG/JPEG using free software

March 21st, 2007 by Mark · 40 Comments

It is often necessary to batch convert PDF documents and graphics into other formats. I explain how to do this using totally free software. Searching for PDF software using Google is fraught with difficulty — one ends up with endless links to commercial sites, who charge lots of money, mislead users into paying for software […]

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Dovecot IMAP server, Debian Linux and tcpd’s hosts.allow

March 17th, 2007 by Mark · No Comments

Running your own email server is great, but it must be secure against attacks from hackers and “script-kiddies”, idiots who scan networks looking for systems that advertise services and allow remote access. You can secure certain services on your linux-based machine, such as sshd and imapd using tcpd’s hosts.allow and hosts.deny functionality, to limit the […]

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10 killer free apps for the Medical Research Student (Windows) 1/2

March 10th, 2007 by James · No Comments

Before you start out with your research project you need to be equipped with the tools required to help you keep notes, write papers and produce professional looking documents. In this 2 part article I will describe 10 of my favourite applications, most of which are open source, all are free.

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10 pieces of free software every doctor should haveAn introduction to R

March 9th, 2007 by Mark · 2 Comments

If you have the credentials to view February’s 2007 issue of The Lancet, have a look at a published letter about the “ten pieces of free software every doctor should have”. If you don’t, then don’t worry too much – you’re not missing much with this article. I should have guessed that something wasn’t right […]

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Tags: Free · R statistical computing

R and Filemaker on Mac OS X

March 1st, 2007 by Mark · 4 Comments

R (The R project for statistical computing) and Filemaker provide a compelling solution for the common problems involved in medical research, namely data entry, reporting and analysis. However, there are pecularities in this combination, particularly when running on Mac OS X and trying to use ODBC, that can cause difficulties. This article discusses some solutions […]

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Tags: Filemaker · ODBC · R statistical computing