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How to make a UK map for TrekBuddy

February 2nd, 2008 by James · 22 Comments

Sometimes you wish to use your GPS and data enabled mobile phone to navigate but either you do not have a data signal, or the map you require is not available through Google or BlackBerry maps. This short article will talk you through how to create a map to be used with TrekBuddy on your […]

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How to install offline Maps on your BlackBerry using TrekBuddy 0.973

February 2nd, 2008 by James · 90 Comments

BlackBerry smartphones are handy for GPS navigation helped by the excellent BlackBerry and Google Maps applications. When you are out of range of a data signal both these applications are unable to continue to provide a map. With TrekBuddy you can use offline maps, from Google and elsewhere, record route speed and waypoints, or use […]

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Pitfalls when buying a BlackBerry from Ebay

January 28th, 2008 by James · 20 Comments

BlackBerry produce a range of popular mobile phones that have a instant email function. Purchasing a new or used BlackBerry from a seller using Ebay may seem a low cost way of owning a BlackBerry smartphone. In this short article I will highlight some of the pitfalls in doing so, and how to avoid them…

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